Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Looking Back
I have been tagged by Traci. So here it goes....

1. Where did we meet?
Provo Marriott. We met while working together at the Provo Marriott Hotel. I was the Executive Assistant and Jim was the Night Manager. We were friends for 2 years before we ever started dating. Jim was dating someone and I was also dating someone so the timing just wasn’t right. I thought he was so cute from the first time I saw him but because of my past track record I didn’t think that a guy like him would ever be interested in a girl like me. We just became really good friends. The girl Jim was dating left on a mission in January of 2002 and he started dating someone else in April of that year. I ended the relationship I was in in June and by the end of July we had our first date.

2. What was the 1st thing I said to my him?
Probably something sarcastic or funny.

3. What was our 1st Date?
Demolition Derby in Heber, Utah. Jim likes to tell people that I tricked him into going on a date with me. Which is kind of true. We had talked about hanging out with a group of my friends for awhile but it just hadn’t happened. I had gotten a couple of tickets to the Derby from my sister and I thought it would be fun to invite Jim. He thought we would be going in a group with other people but it just ended up being the 2 of us, my sister and her husband. It worked though. A month ago was our 5 year anniversary of our first date so we went back to the Demolition Derby. It was so much fun.

4. Where was our 1st Kiss?
Our first kiss was at my sister’s house where I was living at the time. I seem to remember that it took Jim well over two months to kiss me but he thinks it was more like a couple of weeks. Either way when it happened I was on cloud nine.

5. Did we have a long courtship/engagement?
You could say that! We dated for a year and a half before we got engaged and then we were engaged for 9 months. So our whole courtship/engagement was over 2 years. People ask me how we were engaged for that long and honestly I loved it. I took advantage of that time we had to be engaged knowing that we would never have that time again. We really came to know who we were and what was most important to us. I wouldn’t change any of it.

6. Where did we get engaged?
Heber City fairgrounds! It was December and Jim had kidnapped me from work. We drove to Midway where we had dinner at The Inn on The Creek. After dinner he took me on a sleigh ride which was more of a carriage ride since there was no snow in Midway. After the sleigh ride he put a blindfold on me and we drove around for 15 minutes or so. He took me out of the truck and walked me around for a minute and then removed the blindfold. When I opened my eyes all I saw were tons of white Christmas lights going up a staircase. It took me a minute to register where we were but we were at the fairgrounds where we had had our first date. The lights went the whole length of the grandstand and then up to the very top stairs. At the top of the stairs was a little lit Christmas tree. We walked up the stairs to the tree and there was little box wrapped. I unwrapped it and Jim took the box and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most romantic proposal ever! He still teases me to this day that I didn’t cry but I was just so excited that I couldn’t. It was beautiful.

7. How did our reception go?
Wonderful. We were married on September 10 and the weather was gorgeous. We had our reception in a backyard of the parents of Jim’s best friend Todd. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We had such a great time and we got to see so many old friends. Not to mention the yummy meatballs we served.

8. How was our honeymoon?
I loved our honeymoon. We spent the first two nights at the Hotel Park City compliments of our General Manager at the hotel. We then spent 2 more nights at the Homestead in Midway compliments of our Director of Sales at the hotel. We then came home and had 6 days off from work to move my stuff in and just hang out. I wouldn’t have changed anything about our honeymoon it was perfect for us.

This was fun remembering our beginnings and now as we approach the 3 year anniversary I can’t be more thankful for my wonderful husband.

Our reception was beautiful. I know that cake has nothing to do with this post but I loved it!!!

5 years after our first date and we are back at the Demolition Derby in Heber. I love my husband more and more everyday!!!!!

I tag all of you!