Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zions Nat'l Park 2010

We took a family trip to St. George over Mother's Day weekend with our good friends the Baldwins. We went to Zions, played in St. George and had a blast the entire time.
Thanks Baldwins!Elise LOVED riding the bus in Zions and begged to "ride bus" the entire time!
We hiked to Emerald Pools, which is a gorgeous hike. I hadn't been there since I broke my foot hiking the same trail in 2007 which coincidentally we were with the Baldwins then also.
No injuries this time!

Jim and Todd decided to hike Angels Landing while Frances and I took the kids to the cute little town of Springdale. We shopped and walked around for a couple of hours until we heard from the boys. I'm pretty sure they set a record of hiking Angels Landing...62 min to the top, 30 min on the summit and 35min down. That's fast I tell ya!

Jim at the top of Angels Landing

I am guessing the people around them didn't think this was too funny.

Jim and Todd also hiked Signal Peak while we were in St. George.
Jim doing what he does best...thinking.Elise and Cambree were so cute the entire time.
They were best little friends and play together so well.
Cambree celebrated her birthday while we were there. For her birthday she got cute little princess dresses, which kept she and Elise entertained the entire time!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strawberry Days Rodeo

My friend and co-worker Tia and I took Elise to the Strawberry Days Rodeo in June. The evening started out windy and cold so it turned a lot of people away but it was great for us. It wasn't very crowded which is unusual and made for a perfect night at the rodeo. It was Elise's first rodeo and she loved it. She loves horses and cows and had fun being able to walk right up to the fence to see them. I love the mutton bustin!
We had a fun night and as always Elise was so good.
She and Tia have become cute little buddies!

She's Two!!

Our little sweetheart turned the big 2 in March! It is so much fun to see her grow-up. I love this age and I love how much she talks and can carry on a conversation.
Elise loves Minnie Mouse so we had a fun little party with family. We also took her to the park on her birthday were she could swing and go down the slide, two of her favorite things to do.