Friday, October 12, 2007

First off I just want to say thank you to everyone for your well wishes and concern. It has been almost a month since I was in the hospital and I must say that I am coming along great. My foot is doing so well, I am able to wear running shoes now which is so great. My foot seems to be getting better every day. As for the blood clot I have not had any pain or problems at all. I was able to return to working out at the gym this week which has been wonderful. I am sticking to the eliptical and the bike so nothing crazy. I feel good and even though I feel like I have gained so much weight because I have been imobile for so long It feels good to sweat again! Other than that I am doing so good. Life is slowly returning back to normal. Work has been extremely busy so that doesn't help but I am dealing with it fine. Jim is busy in his last semester at the U of U and will finish in December.
Again, thank you so much to everyone who sent such positive vibes our way! We love you!
Celine Dion-Aug. 2007
Because of everything going on lately I haven't posted my pictures from the Celine Dion concert I went to back in August. I know what some of you are thinking----Evonne & Tanya "I am Celine Dion and I am the best singer in z world" but seriously she was amazing. She has such an incredible voice. It was a fun girls weekend in Vegas. My Mom, sis Tash, friend Deanna, sis in law Jenny and her sister Stephanie all went. I would go again if I could afford it!

These "winners" were in the parking garage waiting for the elevator. No joke the one with the sunglasses on had just gotten married at a strip club. When we made a comment about how they were dressed or the lack of they said "wait until you see the bride" We had to go and didn't have time to wait to see her. Darnit.

On a side note I am embarrassed that I even had my picture taken with them yucky!

O yes, and I got to see David.....I just couldn't resist a photo. He wasn't really having any of it.