Monday, February 18, 2008

Trip to Texas

Well, hello everyone! I am taking a turn blogging because Yvonne is eight months pregnant, and lately, I am doing things I just don't normally do. What things you might be asking? Well....I am running to the freezer to get cups of ice for her to munch on, arranging pillows in a comfortable manner, comparing the various pros and cons of differing onesies, and discussing crib color schemes. Oh yeah, and then running back to the fridge for more ice..... My favorite phrases now begin with, "Umm...can you..." I wouldn't trade it for anything though! Fun stuff I say.

A little update: Yvonne is doing great, while she is still considered high risk because of her blood clot, the pregnancy is progressing normally. Little Elise (yes, I am officially refering to her by her first name these days) is doing great! I am forbidden from rubbing Yvonne's tummy in public, but every now and then I sneak in a quick hello to my little girl! Yvonne was released from Young Womens a few weeks ago. I am proud of her, and while she won't admit it--she did awesome things for those young girls. But now, a little rest is in order for the next few months. We have been blessed with great gifts from showers etc, and are almost "ready" for her to arrive. I say almost cause I don't think anyone is actually really ready for the event.

For us, life these days is a little crazy. I have been accepted to the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Syracuse, and I just got back from an interview down at Texas Tech that I really enjoyed. I should hear back from both Texas Tech and BYU in the next few weeks as well. It's an exciting time as decisions on where we will live for the next 2-6 years are being made. Want to hear something cool though? Whenever I start to get stressed out about it all--I just think of my pregnant wife and little girl, and it all washes away! I have found that the family can be a source of great comfort and strength. Almost, as if, there was a grand plan behind it? Hmm.... Anyway, we should know in a month where we will be headed: Syracuse, New York; Lubbock, Texas; or Provo, Utah.

Last Tuesday, Yvonne and I went to speak to a group of girls who are, or have been pregnant, and are considering adoption or keeping the child. Yvonne rocks! I love to watch her talk, bear testimony, and give advice at these events. She really is amazing, and I realize the importance of this type of work in general, and of adoption in particular.

Ok, well, that's about it. I do want to say thank you to all of Yvonne's friends and family who are doing so much to help her/us out!! One last thing, while I was at the Dallas Ft Worth airport I picked up the Dallas Cowboy onsie. I don't care if it's not girl colors!!!