Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snowbird Tent Revival 2009

Our friends Jason and Rebecca invited us to the Snowbird Tent Revival in August.
It was a gorgeous fall day in the mountains.
Our friend Cory was playing with his band: Cory Mon and the Starlight Gospel.
Check em out on itunes, they are pure awesomeness!
This little girl loves to dance
Jim in his happy place

Elise was really getting into the music
Chillin in BOB

Summer 2009

Yes, we like to take a lot of pictures of Elise. It's so hard not to when she is so sweet and cute.

Elise and cousin Emelia

Roni's Wedding

My wonderful, awesome, sweet, funny and dear friend Roni got married on July 31 in the Manti LDS temple. It was such a beautiful day in a beautiful place. Both Jim and I cannot believe we didn't get married in the Manti temple, it is awesome!
We love Brett and Roni and we couldn't be happier for them. Jim and Brett are both huge football fans and although Brett loves the Raiders we have still welcomed him into our family!

Her dress was GORGEOUS!

The happy couple

It was a wonderful summer evening for an outdoor dinner
Farewell beautiful Manti, UT

P.S. Roni is a hair stylist. She is the best around. Have you ever wondered how Jim and I always have great hair? You can thank Roni, or better yet you can give her a call and she will make you look as good as us!

If you want her # let me know.