Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Wait Is Over
We had our ultra-sound today. We are both soooo excited. I would post pictures but I am too tired tonight and really don't they all look the same? I promise there is a baby in there and IT'S A GIRL!!!!
We were both so shocked to hear the tech say it was a girl because we had thought for sure it would be a boy. Either way we didn't care we are just excited that everything checked out okay. Now it's on to the name game. We have some names we like but who knows what we will end up with. My due date didn't change so I am due April 4th. Most likely I will be induced the week before my due date. Because of the blood clot I had 2 months ago I have the lovely chore of giving myself injections of blood thinners into my stomach 2 times a day
(Jim also pitches in when I can't seem to find a spot not bruised or sore). In order to control the bleeding and if I want an epidural during delivery I have to be off of the shots for at least 24 hours. It is more likely that this cute little ball of sweetness will come the end of March. We couldn't be more excited to be parents and we are so thankful that so far everything has been great. I feel great and I am so thankful for life!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Jimmy's first post:

Well, for those who know me, it would take the occurrence of a major life event for me to “blog.” It just so happens that a major life event has occurred—I’m graduating from college next month. But even that event is not a blog-worthy event. Let me tell you what is….. A while back, Yvonne and I planned to go out to dinner to one of my favorite places. All we had to do before hand was stop in and talk with some friends for, “just an hour or so.” No problem, right guys? Well, that hour turned into two, (which was not a problem cause the friends we were visiting were both fun and friendly) and Jimmy started getting hungry. Jimmy’s favorite place was now closed, and Jimmy was getting grumpy. So Jimmy settles for something he doesn’t really want to eat and they go home. Yvonne is patient and loving with Jimmy (because she’s awesome) and tries to get him to get out of his low blood sugar pity party. Jimmy eventually realizes he is being a schmoolie, and apologizes to Yvonne. Ok, enough third person, here is where it gets good. A few minutes later Yvonne comes over to me with a little wrapped present. I’m thinking, “Man, I should apologize more often for things!” I can’t quite figure out what is going on as I unwrap the little gift. What do I find inside? Smartwool socks! I love to hike in Smartwool socks, base-layers, and hats…but I notice that these are a little small for my size 13 toboggan shaped feet. These are really small, not the small of, “Ooops I got the wrong size small” but the size designated for those under the age of 2. I’m not a bright man, so I ask Yvonne why she got these for me. And then, slowly, the light begins to dawn as she is smiling at me. We find out the day before Thanksgiving if it will be a boy or girl. I don’t know that I have ever been more excited for anything (other than marrying you babe). It’s a big bag of mixed emotions: excitement, fear, love, anticipation, and joy. It is big time now, we have another life to look out for. How grateful I am to be a dad, and the perspective that gives me on life. How I love my wife. How I hope I don’t make too many mistakes! Here is a picture of those little Smartwool booties that sit on our bedroom dresser.

Our due date is April 4th. Which, for you fans of Yvonne, you might recognize as her birthday. We were not trying for that, but we'll take it.