Friday, November 28, 2008

A Typical Day
Elise loves to play with her toys.

She love to play with Bentley. He is a 2 year old we have watched a couple of times a week while his parents are at work & school. It is fun to see her play with other kids.

She loves to play around our files and computer desk. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and so our computer desk is in the living room. Whenever she can she crawls over to it and plays with anything she can get her hands on.
Nap time is the beset!! I love that she fell asleep looking out of her crib.

Playing--she's 8 months old, that's what she does.

Going on walks and to the park. We try and go on a family walk a couple of times a week. Elise loves to be outside. Since our weather here is still really nice we are able to go out almost everyday. I am so grateful for where we live. We are in a great neighborhood that is so quiet and close to so much. The park is just around the corner. This girl loves to swing at the park.

A Little Late But Worth the Wait
Here are Baby Elise's 7 and 8 month old pictures. I can't believe how much she has grown compared to last month. She is just the cutest dang thing and we love her so much.

Monday, November 24, 2008

8 Tag
My friend Devri tagged me.....

The Amazing Race
The Office
The Hills
Dr. 90210
Real Housewives of the OC
The Biggest Loser

Taco Amigo
Pizzeria Seven Twelve
Bailey's Sandwich Shop
Texas Roadhouse
Macaroni Grill
Bombay House

Listened to Jim speak in church
Taught the 6 year olds in primary
Called to teach the Marriage and Family Relations class
Cooked a pizza
Watched some football
Gave Elise a bath
Ate Muddy Buddies
Watched The Amazing Race

Spending Thanksgiving with our friends in Texas
Jim being done with this semester
Going home to Utah for 1 month
Meeting my nephew Riley for the first time
Seeing Timpanogos and all its beauty
Running with my Dad while I am home
Shopping with my sister while I am home
Spending 3 weeks of no school or work with Jim and Elise

Live closer to family
Go on another cruise to Alaska, this time with Jim
My daughter to grow up a strong and confidant woman
A house
Range Rover-black and pimped out
Be a better person
Rachel Zoe as my personal stylist
Jim to be done with school

People I am tagging
If you read this consider yourself tagged

Sunday, November 23, 2008

8 Months old
It is hard to believe that Elise is now 8 months old. She is getting to be such a big girl. She makes us smile everyday. We feel so thankful to be parents to this sweet girl.
Here are some of the things she is doing right now:
  • Has her first tooth
  • Starting to crawl
  • Sits up on her own
  • Pulls herself up so she is standing while holding on to something
  • She likes her rice cereal and sweet potatoes but doesn't like her multi-vitamins (yuck, I don't blame her)
We are having fun watching her grow and learn. We are so excited to be going to Utah for the holidays and spending time with family and friends.
Here are some videos of Elise playing in her crib. ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Baby Girl's First Haircut
The Baby girl's hair was just getting a little long on top. It would flop over into her eyes and I couldn't get it to stay out. Tasha was getting her hair cut so we took Elise along. Our friend Devron cut her hair and did a great job. Elise did great and was pretty good while Dev cut it. Having her sit on Tashas lap was a good idea since she could still see me. I love the zebra print smock. I must admit I was a little afraid of what Jim would say since I didn't tell him I was doing it. He loves it!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Team Jesse
I am so sad right now. If you haven't heard DeAnna broke up with Jesse. You can read all about it on their website. The link is under friends on the sidebar. I think he is such a great guy, any girl would be lucky to be with him. I think DeAnna is still in love with Graham!!
Our Trip To Utah
What we did:

We went to Park City
Saw the beautiful mountains we miss so much, especially Timpanogos
Enjoyed the fall weather outside
Slept in everyday!
Played football with Cade and Jake
Got ready for the "big game" which wasn't so big after all
Went rollerskating at Classic Skating for girls night
Went for a beautiful walk up Provo Canyon
Enjoyed Bridal Veil Falls. It was Elise's first time to the falls
Went to Gardner Village (twice)
Hung out with family
Got haircuts. That's right Elise got her first haircut. I will post more about that later. Thanks to Roni for my great cut and color and to Devron for cutting Elise's hair. We love our new do's.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 1976
Halloween 2008
My mom made this turtle costume for me in 1976. When I went home to visit we pulled it out and put it on Elise. It has held up pretty well considering it is 32 years old. I know I wasn't the only one to wear it either. I think all of my brothers were put in it at one time or another.

Natasha and Yvonne Halloween 1976
-she's still a little devil-