Saturday, January 31, 2009

Once he was sad...
He deserves to be happy
I am so glad he is dating this girl:
If you haven't heard, Jesse is dating Holly from season 12 of the Bachelor. Go Team Jesse!!

*This is now Jim writing. As you can tell, all my efforts to ban Yvonne from watching reality television have failed... I cannot assume any responsibility for her blog posting, and disavow myself from "Team Jesse", although, if you think about it, the guy is pretty charismatic. Love you Yvonne, but seriously, our daughter won't have a chance if you expose her to this stuff. :) It's already enough that you make her dance to the Ellen show...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Now that we have been home for awhile, and back in the swing of things, I wanted to get caught up on my blogging. We had our first "winter" storm of the year. Not much of a winter storm according to me, but the schools closed early Tuesday and then started late on Wednesday due to the "icy" conditions. What made it really weird was that for the past couple of weeks we were enjoying 70 degrees with sunshine... Anyway, I'm not much of a cold person so I hope our old weather comes back!

Here is a bit of what we have been up to lately:

We watched the inauguration of President Obama.
Elise and I stayed in our pajamas all day and watched the festivities.
No matter what your political views are, it's neat to watch history being made.

Elise got an early birthday present from auntie Tasha...
But, as you can see, she was more interested in eating the paper than unwrapping it.
Elise loves her new super soft blanket. Thanks auntie!

It is so cute when she lays on her blankets.
All we say is "oh, so soft" and she automatically lays down.
It doesn't get much cuter in my honest opinion!

Our poor little one has a cold. It is her first "real" cold/illness. She has a runny nose and this awful cough. It's sad when she coughs, it sounds like she has a lot of junk in there. Still not as bad as her asthmatic father when he gets going... Anyway, we took her to the doctor because I wanted to make sure there wasn't a problem with her lungs. No problem, the lungs are great, but her sinus' are draining to her throat --hence the reason for the cough. I don't like that she is sick, it makes me sad and a little scared as a new mom.

On a happy note Elise is 10 months old! She is not walking yet, but she does pull herself up and can stand when she is holding on to something. She likes to stand all by herself with her back to the couch. She thinks she is a big girl who can play with the big kids. I am fine if she doesn't start walking too soon.
She loves to play in our closet while I get ready in the mornings.
She is gonna love shoes just like her mama!

P.S. On a side note, she crawls everywhere and gets into anything that is near her. Therefore, living in an apartment without much room presents a few "exploration" problems. We bought a fence thing that we put in the living room and connect it to the couch. That is the fence you see in the background. I promise she is not a caged animal. Mostly she just loves to walk all around it while holding on. She actually sits and plays with her toys instead of always getting up on the computer desk or TV stand. It works great!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

To my grandparents, auties, uncles, cousins and friends

Thank you for letting me come and stay, play, and crawl at your houses over Christmas. I really enjoyed my time in Utah. Seeing snow for the first time was so much fun for me. I am glad that I have so many people around me who love me so much. I look forward to seeing all of you again in a couple of months.

Until then this video of me should do. If you listen carefully you can hear me saying hello and then I'll wave to you.

Love, Baby Elise

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas 2008
We have had a wonderful month visiting our family and friends in Utah. We are so thankful for all of our blessings.
Our holidays this year were spent together as a family

We enjoyed the beautiful lights on Temple Square as we were running to our car after an evening with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We were trying to beat the traffic, downtown was a nightmare.
We enjoyed the snow.
Jim enjoyed driving his old truck.

Making carmel apples at my cousin Pam's house is a tradition. We girls all had a great time. I always make a few extra we can eat.
We all came at different times so this is who was there when we were leaving.

Cousins played together.

Jim got to play with his favorite niece.

Jim was able to go snowshoeing. He went alone which I strongly discourage him from doing. He covered over 10 miles that day. I am glad he was able to go to his "happy place"

I love that he took a bunch of beautiful pictures. This is one of my favorites.

This is not one of my favorites. What the ??? Do you think bear spray would keep this animal away? Good thing he didn't have to find out. He said it was most likely a cougar. I guess they don't like tall things with large packs on.

Elise enjoyed her 1st Christmas

She also enjoyed just hanging out.

It snowed some more.

Does it get any cuter?

We hung out with our wonderful friends at the happiest place in American Fork....JCW's.

Last but not least my baby who is not so much a baby anymore turned 9 months.

Back to the real world we go. Jim has already returned back to Texas and started school. Elise and I will be joining him at the end of the week.