Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blessing Day Post from Papa
Okay, so there are a few life events important enough a man can blog and still hold onto his, "I am a man card." Sunday May 3rd was one of those events. My first post announced that Yvonne was pregnant, and my second is to tell about blessing little Elise, aka--"Nug, Nug" or "The Nuglet." How I love my little girl, she is amazing! I have decided that having your finger squeezed, and then making eye contact with a little one of this age, is about as good as it gets. So, here goes......
Picture 1: After wrestling her into her blessing dress, she is not looking so happy. But so would you if you had to go around with a lace bow attached to your forehead. Don't get me started on this, but even I suppose it was pretty cute.

Pictures 2 and 3: We're a little more relaxed at this point. I think Elise has realized that negotiations have failed concerning the bow, dad failed, and this is going to be on the rest of the day.....

Picture 4: Reality has sunk in....this is not a comfortable onsie!!

Picture 5: Outside the Olenik's home. Dad does his best to appear goofy in all photos. I really don't have to try that hard, it just comes naturally to me. Yvonne is beautiful as always, as is Elise.

Picture 6: We've added Grandma Kathie to the mix and the picture continues to improve. No, wait, there I am with that same look on my face.

Picture 7: Yvonne's parents Fred and Margene. I don't think of them as in-laws, I think of them as mom and dad number 2. You would to when you see the large, tasty, thing of goodness they got for me at the bottom of these pictures.

Picture 8: My way cool sister and her way cool husband Johnnie 5. Yes, this is the same sister who is gave Elise her first bath and first IV. Oh yeah, and their very special little girl named Mackenzie. Speaking of Mackenzie......

Picture 9: Is me and Mackenzie holding baby E together. There will be few things I miss more than hanging out with Kenz, calling her a monkey, and hearing her call me names I'm not allowed to print on family friendly blogs. Just kidding, but she is a funny one that one!

Picture 10: The tasty goodness I spoke of above. Who does not love Costco cake? Well, I don't know, but you shouldn't trust anyone who doesn't. Ok, so this time I tried for a dorky look. I think I succeeded.

For our friends unfamiliar with the LDS church, the blessing of an infant is similar to a prayer in their behalf. It was an amazing thing to hold my little one and try to convey the love and blessings of her Heavenly Father. Thanks to all who participated! And a special thanks to (my younger, and wiser siblings) Ellen and Steve for being examples of what parenting is all about--Ellen I still get to learn from here; Steve I'll get to learn more from later.

Ok, well, that's my blog about this special day. If I post again, maybe it will be of super manly things like: Pictures of Todd and I backpacking in southern Utah; recent campouts with my scouts; or my hero Bear Grylls. Until then, I'm off to watch a Jazz playoff game to forget about the fact I "blogged." Oh well, Elise, you're worth it!