Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I know I am horrible at updating my blog but after reading all of my friends postings I have decided to do better. There is only one small problem, I don't really have anything interesting to write about. However I am going to make the effort to update more frequently.

Last Thursday and Friday I along with one of my co-workers went on a small overnight trip to Sonoma CA. I know what you are thinking but yes there is other stuff to do besides drink wine. Okay well maybe not a whole lot more but it was still fun. My Dad is from that area so it is always a treat for me to return to Northern California. The weather was great, a little cool in the mornings but it warms up nicely in the afternoon. Which I learned is why the grapes like the climate so much. We toured 3 vineyards, 1 olive grower and 1 mushroom grower. No, not those kind of mushrooms, the kind you eat with food. The food was amazing....I ate so well. It makes coming home to tuna fish sandwiches not seem so exciting. Overall it was a great trip even if it was fast and it was for work. I want to go back soon with Jim. It really is some of the most beautiful country.

Saturday I was supposed to get up and run with my Dad but since I had worn some heels on Friday and didn't know I would be hiking in the olive farm I had gotten a blister. So after a quick phone call at 5:45am I was back in bed until Jim woke me up at 10 to see if I wanted to go with him to Salt Lake while he took his last final. I of course said yes since we hadn't really seen much of eachother. So while he took his final I started reading "Confessions of a Shopaholic" I am in love with that book. It reminds me so much of someone I know...he he.

After Jim was done we ate lunch at Cafe Trio in Salt Lake. Such yummy food. We then headed home but first made a stop at the TJMaxx in Draper. I bought a new purse. I am so in love with it I can't stop looking at it. I love to shop. That about wraps up our week and weekend.

I don't really have any big plans for this weekend except running a half marathon with my Dad on Saturday. It will be my first half in about 3 years. Hopefully I will finish! I have been training with my Dad for about a month. He is such a good running partner, I really look forward to our runs every morning. I don't however look forward to the alarm going off at 5:15 am

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