Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I have The Best Job
I really do have the best job. As an Event Planner for a scrapbook company I get to travel to some really amazing places and see some of the most beautiful parts of this country. O yeah and not to mention we always eat at the yummiest places. The only downside is that Jim is not with me to enjoy these wonderful places. I guess that is what Vacation is for right?
Last week I was in San Antonio Texas and Washington D.C.

This was in my room in San Antonio----it was all chocolate YUMMY

Remember the Alamo

Washington D.C. with the Capitol behind me
We took a boat ride from Alexandria VA to Georgetown Washington DC. It was so pretty!


Evonne said...

So fun! I must say, I don't miss working AT ALL, but I do miss traveling with you.

ClaysJenna said...

So much fun!! I love San Antonio...one of my favorite vacation spots so far:)

Traci said...

Was that your 1st visit to DC? We are going to take the kids there this summer. It's a fun place. Too bad you couldn't swing over to CT and visit me!!!

Janet said...

That's very cool that you get to travel. what exactly does an event planner do?

Kristen said...

cool trips. I like the chocolate thing!
p.s. did you tell jill hi for me?? :)