Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 Months Old
Elise turned 5 months last week. Where does the time go? Here are some pictures of her from the last few weeks. She still has her amazing red hair that stands up. She gets stopped by admirers wherever we go. At the grocery store today we had 3 people stop and make a comment about her hair.
She is a true rock-star.

Help! I am a prisoner
Chillin on Mom and Dad's bed
Hangin out in the swing
Sooo cute!!

Elise rolls over all the time. This is her usual position
Sucking on her toes. Her new favorite trick


Michelle C. said...

Wow, is that what a 5 mo. old looks like? She is so cute. I can't believe you are gone. We didn't get to see each other before you left. Hope all is well.


devron said...

She is adorable and yes it all goes way too fast. I just took my little (big) boy to kindergarten. By the way I am so glad that Rob and Cynthia are in your ward. I wish Cyntia lived next door to me. You guys should hook up. She is pretty new to the area and I know it is always good to know someone when you are far away. Even if it is just a liitle bit. I love you and hope this great adventure is going to turn into the best thing ever!!!

Traci said...

She is growing up fast! I noticed her baby tidbitz fit!!! They look so cute on too!
Hope you are enjoying your new digs!

Lori said...

Yvonne I love her hair, it is so cute. Let me tell you time does not slow down a bit, it just keeps going faster the older they get. My son is already a Junior in High School and I can still remember when he was Elise's age. Boy time just goes so fast. Hope all is going well in Lubbock.

Baldwincrew-blog said...

she is so cute and getting so big it's fun to see pictures of her. Hope all is well in texas and we miss you guys tons.

Tia said...

She is getting so big! When you come up for Christmas she won't be the little snuggler I sent to Texas! I do love her and her rock star hair!!


Those pictures are so adorable of her. And you know i love the red hear, it is priceless!

Fernandez Family said...

Where does the time go! She is adorable. I love, love her hair - its incredible. So cute that some looks I can totally see Jim and some totally see you.

Sonja said...

She is a little angel. Getting bigger and cuter every day! I can't believe you're in Texas, it makes me a little sad, but so happy for your new adventure. I'll be checking back often for updates!