Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elise 1st Birthday

I know it's over 3 months late...but here are some pictures of Elise at 1 year.

Look at this cutie

Hanging out with dad on a Sunday afternoon.
Eating of the cake
Opening of the presents
The famous pig cake.....

When I was 3 or 4 my mom made me a pig cake just like the one pictured above.
For Elise's 1st Birthday I thought it would be neat to make the same cake, only Elise's hippy dad wanted a sugar-free, wheat-free, apple sauce sweetened (essentially taste free) version for his little girl. Up until this point we hadn't given Elise any sugar and we were hoping to continue the trend. The pig decorations were real candy of course, but we took those off before she ate it.
While the cake turned out cute, Elise had a hard time finding anything to eat because the "all natural" cream cheese frosting had hardened into a substance that can only be likened unto concrete. So, needless to say I felt bad that she wasn't able to enjoy her first birthday cake as I had planned.

There is a continuation of this story....stay tuned.


Brandi said...

What a CUTE birthday cake!! :) Smart move on the no sugar thing!! :)

Claytie and Suzie said...

I'm staying tuned! That is a very cute piggy cake! Wow, she's 1 year old already?!!

pamelasue said...

How cute! I love the cake, it looks darling even if it doesn't have a sugar taste:) Cute little girl.

Peterson's said...

Till Jim to just give in, hard frosting is NO fun. Also, let him know that your body turns carbs into sugar so she has already had her fair share.