Friday, July 24, 2009

Father's Day, Blake's Birthday, and Elise's Birthday do-over

My not-so-little brother turned the big 15!
(can't you tell he is excited to have his picture taken and open his presents in front of everyone)

Father's Day BBQ at the Olenik's

My brother Dale holding my brother Brent and Jenni's baby Emelia
Elise getting ready to eat her "real" birthday cake

Flour Girls and Dough Boys in American Fork made this cake.
If you haven't been you must go. Everything they have is delicious!!

"Finally, my parents are letting me eat some real food. Damn hippies"
Cheese! it doesn't get much cuter than this. She loves to have clean hands. She has found the best way to clean them off is to run them through her hair.
*warning nudity*
Birthday aftermath

If you read about Elise's first Birthday cake you will know that I made her a sugar/flour free cake. I have felt bad that she wasn't able to properly delve into her cake. So, we decided to have a birthday do-over. She turned 15 months on Father's Day and Blake's Birthday so we rolled them into 1 family celebration.
Elise definintely enjoyed this cake much better than the 1st one!


Traci said...

yeah- finally real cake for your little one! i bet she loved it!
what a fun day!
great to see your fam!
you guys sound great!!!

Janet said...

I can't believe Blake is 15! Emilia is so adorable! And Elise looks 10 times older than the last pictures!

Matt and Erica Johnston said...

Love it!! Who doesn't want to wear cake- and only cake- on their bday?