Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hanging with the Dogs

Everyone in our families has a dog, except us, which Jim is okay with. He said he refuses to have a dog until we have property big enough for a German Sheppard to run around and defend. Don't worry, I'm working on him. Until then, I am okay being dogless because we have plenty around us.
Elise chillin with Tamone (sister's dog) and Babette (grandma O's dog)


Alicia said...

Is it just me or does she get cuter and cuter!? I love her eyes, they are adorable.

I am also amazed that she loves dogs so much, Sheldon likes them, but only if I'm right next to him. I guess we need to expose him to them a little more!

LINDSEY said...

Elise's hair is getting so long! And good luck with the dog thing. I totally want one, but I want one that doesn't poop. If you find a breed like that, let me know. :)