Friday, May 11, 2012

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2012 is going by so fast!  We are having a great time but wish time would slow down a bit.  Elise is growing bigger everyday and we just love her.  She has a wonderful imagination the allows her to be a carefree kid!  
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Playing dress-up at Honey's house
Doing daddy's hair
Dancing and more dress-ups at Honey's house
These two girls spend their days together at Honey's house.  
They both LOVE to dress up!
 Jim's work has season tickets to the Jazz.  
We had a blast and they won which was AWESOME!
 Elise loves her new cousin Summer.  She is so precious and we all can't get enough of her.
 Elise making Summer laugh!
 Reno - 2012 Women's Championships  

Tasha and I went to Reno with our bowling team for Nationals.  We had a great time!

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dana liston said...

I love that you are on a bowling team and that you went to Reno for a tournament. Remember when I first started dating Russell and you guys were hard core bowlers, a couple times a week if I recall. Good times, good times! It looks like you guys have been keeping busy!