Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My husband
This goes out to my wonderful husband. I am so thankful for him and all he does for me and Elise. Who would have thought that in May of 2000 when I started working at the Provo Marriott I would meet my future husband. It has been 8 years and I can't imagine my life without him.
Jim loves the outdoors. Maybe that is an understatement. Any free time he has you can find him hiking some peak in Utah. He is what they call a peak bagger. I love that he has such a love for the mountains. We always miss him when he is gone but I know he is doing what he loves. He has invited me to go with him plenty of times and I have to refuse. In 2003 we hiked to Silver Lake and let me just say he almost broke up with me after that hike. In my defense I had run that day and lifted weights. I was tired. Last year when we were in Zions with our friends Todd and Frances I broke my foot hiking. Anyway, you get the point this is something he does without me and I am perfectly fine with that. You can check out some of his hikes here.
I love my husband and watching him with our baby girl is so rewarding. He is such a great DAD!


Preds Girl said...

What a sweet post!

Traci said...

Great photo of the hubby! Sounds like our hubby's would get along great too!
Nice post just for him too!

Baldwincrew-blog said...

You've got it down. You let the hubby do their thing and then they let you do your thing. It's the best way to do it. You guys are awesome and we enjoy your friendship so much.

Weight Family said...

Yvonne! I found your blog through Frances! I love finding new blogs. You can check ours out at
Maybe we should visit the pizza place while our hubby's are gone in a couple of weeks.