Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pizzeria Seven Twelve

I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile now. If you live in Utah and you haven't been to Orem's Pizzeria Seven Twelve, you must go. On Thursday nights for the past few weeks now Jim and I have dropped the little nug off at my parents and made our way to a little bit of heaven. The atmosphere and the food are wonderful. The menu changes quite often so if you want something you had better order it when you are there because there is a chance it will be replaced with something just as wonderful next time you go. They buy most of their produce from local farmers markets, so it is fresh. You can’t just try the pizza either. You must have a bit of everything. My favorites right now are the following

Appetizer: grilled corn on the cob-seriously this is so delicious

Salad: Greens, homemade mozzarella cheese, yummy croutons, this lemon oil dressing that is amazing

Pizza: Corn pizza. I can’t remember what all is on it but it is the best. Actually all of their pizzas are great but this is my favorite right now.

Dessert: Plum crisp with spotted dog ice cream

Jim loves that they also sell Coke in the bottle.

If anyone wants to go and needs a friend to come with them just give me a call. I crave Pizzeria 712 daily!


Megan Griffin said...

Hi Yvonne, I'm a blog stalker. I work with your dad Fred and have had your blog since you had your baby and he wanted to show me a picture - hope you don't mind! :)

I just wanted to say I totally agree with you on Pizzeria Seven Twelve. It is SO good! It's about time Provo/Orem got a decent pizza restaurant! DELISH!

Traci said...

Utah is soooo lucky with all different kinds of resturants to choose from.. We have tons of Italian food out here.
Anyways, we have a great pizza shop here that kindof sounds the same called Flatbread. Everything is organic and bought at local farms too. Very yummy! Plus the resturant is made to look like you are outdoors. All their tables and chairs are recycled from elsewhere. You get to see you pizza cooked in the clay dome too!

pamelasue said...

Yum! I think I will have to head on down there just to try it out. Maybe our next girls night will be there and you and your mom and sisters can join us. Sounds good to me!!

J.R. and Lana said...

I love it there too! My old neighbor is the owner. SOOO good. You will have to go one last time before you leave!