Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Two Babies

We have had a nice relaxing weekend at home as a family. I love this time of year and watching General Conference for our church. In case you are interested and want to watch it click here.
I feel renewed and am committed to being a better person and serving those around me. I feel thankful to be a woman and a mother. I am so blessed by my Heavenly Father. I was also reminded this weekend that we have many opportunities living in Texas to make new friends and share our beliefs.

We love technology and are grateful that we could watch all the sessions on the internet from the comfort of our own home. Today we have had a huge thunderstorm which made us cozy up even more while at home.

Elise continues to bring us joy. She loves to roll around in her blankets on the floor. I will come up to her and say "where's the baby girl" She just laughs and keeps hiding. It is so cute. These pictures are her coming out of her sausage roll.


Baldwincrew-blog said...

She is so cute. I agree on conference. It's a nice relaxing weekend with your family watching the prophet and others speak all in your pj's hair a mess and best of all no bra. It's great.


I agree about being away and having so many opportunities to share the gospel, I haven't done any real missionary work but it is so different to be somewhere where I have to explain why I can't do things on sunday and why I do certain things! Conference was great and suprising we found it on some random chinese channel!

Janet said...

she looks like such a happy baby! I really liked your comments about conference; it's always so nice to hear the messages!

J.R. and Lana said...

Conference was great wasn't it? I loved it!
She is so cute in her blanket rolls. I also love her rock star ride. That is so cute that she was getting in it and pointing. She is so smart!
So glad you are in town!