Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Flight to Utah
Elise did so well on the airplane on our flights to Utah. She is such a good little traveler. We had to change planes in Las Vegas and as we were waiting to board our flight we sat next to the slot machines. Elise loved the noise and just sat there so content listening to the slot machines. Note to self in 21 years watch Elise around the slot machines.
New Kids On The Block were playing at Madalay Bay that night. I figured this is as close as I was going to get to the concert.
We are so happy to be at home in Utah for 2 weeks. We woke up to snow on Sunday morning which was so fun. We miss our Daddy who is working hard at school in Texas.

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Traci said...

Lucky Duck to be back home! I know I was just there, but miss it already! Enjoy your visit!