Friday, September 04, 2009

1st Time in a Swimming Pool

Yes, our daughter was 15 months old when we took her swimming in a pool for the 1st time. Don't judge...remember the bad virus/flu that went around last year that shut down the pools? Well I didn't want to chance my daughter getting some illness from the public pool so I waited until she was older to take her. She has no fear of water and LOVES to be in the pool.


Janet said...

Your pics bring back such happy memories! It's a fun time of life huh?

Alicia said...

Look at her in that adorable swim suit! How cute!

Also - I love the hot air balloon thing (can't remember the name now)! I hope to go to it someday! I love how tired Elise looks in the picture! She'll be glad she has such fun parents someday! =)