Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby it's HOT out here
June 28-July 1 My sister and I took our two younger brothers on our annualy St.George/Las Vegas vacation. We had such a good time other than it being so dang HOT! Seriously, it was 109 the day we went to Lake Mead. We stayed in St. George for 3 nights and then Las Vegas for 1 night. The first two days we just layed by the pool and played. We went to Fiesta Fun and rode the go-carts and miniature golfed. We also went to the movies and saw RATATOUILLE. Seriously such a good movie we all really enjoyed it. We went to the Dinosaur Museum in St. George. Saturday we headed in to Las Vegas but made a stop at Lake Mead. There was a running race going on at 2pm in the afternoon. It is called Running with the Devil Marathon, 1/2, & 50 mile ultra. This race starts at 12pm and they run in the heat of the day. CRAZY!!!! anyway we stopped and let the boys play in the water before we drove into Las Vegas. That night we walked the strip and rode the New York, New York roller coaster. It was B & C first time riding it, they both LOVED IT!!!! We stopped at our favorite place to go on the strip Margaritaville, as in Jimmy Buffett's. It is a really fun shop and we love the music! We didn't get back to our hotel until almost 2:00am which was rough since we had to get up at 5:00am to put B & C on a plane to Oakland where they were flying to meet my parents. All in all we had a great time. While I was laying out by the pool and playing Jim was at Scout Camp which to him is vacation.....I love to go on Vacation!!!!
Other places we visited In-n-out burger, Bass Pro Shops, and TJ Maxx and More
Here are some pictures from our weekend.


Traci said...

Looks like loads of fun- minus the hotness!!!! That was so cool of you guys to take the bros along. I totally want to do a fun trip like that with some of the fam!! I think I would love the Margaretaville store too!!
My sis has been visiting and I took her to Boston to meet her husband there and I have never been and it's only 2 hours from me- I found a new va-k spot for sure!!!!

James and Yvonne said...

I love Boston! That is so fun that it is only 2 hours away. You would love Margaretaville for sure a Traci kind of place.