Friday, July 13, 2007

Let The Race Begin
Last Friday after work my sister Natasha and I drove to Price. We met her husband Cale there who had been at a golf tournament in Price that day. We picked Cale and one of his golf buddies up at the golf course and we headed to the races, the car races that is. They were so much fun. I love going to car races and especially dirt tracks. We had a really great time. It was a little windy and every time the wind would kick up dust would fly everywhere. Tasha and I just wore our sunglasses and we were fine. A huge storm passed over us but luckily it didn't rain. You can see by the clouds that it looked like a huge storm.

While I was enjoying myself at the races. Jim and his friend Todd were about 40 miles South of us hiking San Rafael Swell. They hiked Friday, spent the night and then hiked the rest of the way Saturday. He had a really good time. Other than running out of water about 3 hours away from the end, they enjoyed their trip. Saturday morning I decided to drive back down with Tasha and Cale and hang out with Tasha for the afternoon while Cale golfed in the tournament. She and I had such a great time, we went to the Dinosaur Museum, D.I., and this really cool train and mining museum in Helper called Western Mining and Railroad Museum. If you are ever in the Price/Helper area I would suggest visiting this museum. It was so incredible and housed so much history and old artifacts. By far a hidden treasure of Utah history. The best part of my trip was since Jim had to drive through Price to get home he stopped and picked me up on his way home. It was fun to ride home together and catch up on the weekend. Although it really scared me when he told me about running out of water and how hot it had gotten. But Jim is a big boy, and I think he took his big boy pants with him--so they did ok. They did have a water filter but the water around them was slow moving, warm, and in his words, "stagnant." Apparently that's not good, so they didn't use their filter. He did say the San Rafael River area was one of the most beautiful places he had ever hiked. If you want to know exactly where he was you will have to ask him because I am not really sure. We decided that I need to know more details when he goes hiking. Like where exactly he will be and when he will return. I thought that if anything had happened to him I wasn't quite sure where he was. He had cell phone service that would come and go out, but that isn't a reliable method. I will do better and he is going to make sure I know before he goes. Apparently, coyotes were fighting all night around his tent and owls were hooting in the distance. He was in "Jimmy heaven," but I'm glad I wasn't around for that part.
This weekend I am staying home, my Grandma is in town and I am excited to spend some time with her and Jim doing a whole lot of relaxing. Have a great weekend!


Traci said...

You sure keep busy!! The pics look great. I gerw up going to the racetrac with my dad. He and his friend had a racecar, it was awesome. We totally need to go oto a race out here with our kids..
Hey if you do come to Boston, you should let me know and we could meet up, how cool would that be???
Keep on Keepin' On!!!

Janet said...

did you know that amber was born in price?? we also lived there at the time they found the wooly mammoth that is (or was) in the museum. we had good times living in carbon county. how's the wild fire?