Monday, July 09, 2007

This That and Some Other
4th of July we drove to Lodgepole campground to visit Jim's Mom and Grandma who were camping up there for the week. We ate lunch with them and then Jim wanted to take me on a hike up there he had done with the Scouts the week before. It was a really pretty hike we did the Foreman Trail which is a 4 mile loop. I was only scared once when I heard something in the bushes. Those who know me know that I am deathly afraid of bears. I have been trying really hard lately to face my fear because I love the mountains and the outdoors so much. Anyway, with my big strong husband with me I am not as he carries a really big knife :)
After our hike we drove home, showered, ate dinner at our favorite spot JCW's and then drove to Salt Lake City to attend the ReAL Salt Lake game. We had a blast unfortunatelyI forgot to take any pictures because I was too busy watching the game.

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Fernandez Family said...

I miss hiking! And I don't think my bear fear will ever be anything that I am willing to face. Maybe arming myself with a big knife or bear are brave!